Why Your Rug Needs a Rug Cleaning Service?

      The regular wear and tear of your rug is likely to cause some or more damages to it, like stains, dirt, allergens, water damages, and mould growth. If you are looking for expert cleaners in Adelaide, rug cleaning service by us is a smart choice for you. At Spark Rug Cleaning Adelaide, we understand that rugs are prone to damages due to their long use or lack of cleaning. Therefore, every rug requires professional cleaning/repair service once in a while.

      Our Adelaide’s rug cleaning specialist have notable years of experience with rug cleaning and repair. Can you clean your rugs without the help of such experts? Yes, you can. But the use of unsuitable cleaning methods or equipment can further damage your rugs. Our Adelaide’s rug cleaning service are available for all types of rugs. When it comes to rugs, the need for customised cleaning and restoration is always essential. Why?

      Rugs come in many forms, and with different fibres, shapes, patterns, and colours. That is why every rug requires customised cleaning solutions. At Spark Rug Cleaning Adelaide, carpet rug cleaning service by us come with advanced solutions and satisfactory results.

      Here are some types of rugs we clean and repair:

      • Natural Fibre Rugs
      • Microfibre Rugs
      • Synthetic Rugs
      • Oriental Rugs
      • Persian Rugs
      • Tibetan Rugs
      • Acrylic Rugs
      • Cotton Rugs
      • Wool Rugs
      • Silk Rugs

      Two rugs with similar damages may require different kinds of cleaning/repair solutions, especially if they are of two different types. Our rug washing and restoration solutions are also available for all types of rugs.

      Boons of Hiring Professional Rug Cleaners

      At Spark Rug Cleaning Adelaide, we have a team of qualified professional rug cleaners with a passion for rug cleaning and repair. We have saved rugs at many homes and commercial establishments in Adelaide. Rug cleaning service by us can deal with various damages, some of the most common ones are:

      • Fringe Whitening
      • Pet Hair Damage
      • Tears and Holes
      • Water Damage
      • Mould Growth
      • Discolouration
      • Excessive Dirt
      • Moth Damage
      • Allergens
      • Stains

      Methods of Rug Washing Adelaide

      With Spark Rug Cleaning Adelaide, you get experts trained to use methods such as jet vacuuming and machine vibration. This is an efficient way to remove all the dirt and allergens from your rugs. Our experts utilise commercial-grade rug steam cleaners to restore the natural state of any rugs. As Adelaide’s best rug cleaners, our cleaning/repair methods include dye-locking, rug washing, conditioning rinse, and restoration. Once we are done with our solutions, your rug will be free from any existing/potential damages.

      Our persian rug cleaning expert use rug steam cleaners to ensure the thorough removal of any allergens, bad odours, stains, and stuck dirt in your rugs. Let it be Persian or Tibetan, we can rejuvenate the appearance of any rug. We also deal with any tough stains or their traces on rugs. Our experts use stain guards to prevent permanent stains on your rugs. We provide effective rug washing Adelaide and deodorization solutions to deal with the bad odour in your rug.

      Rug Cleaning Service Adelaide

      How We Work

      At Spark Rug Cleaning Adelaide, we always conduct rug cleaning according to required methods. These methods are customised to suit the specific requirement of your rugs. Let’s learn more about them.

      1. Inspection

      Our Adelaide’s rug repair experts begin with a thorough inspection of your rugs. It helps us understand the impact of dirt, stains or allergens on your rugs. This also helps us determine the suitable cleaning/repair solutions required for your rugs.

      2. Pre-Wash Cleaning

      Pre-wash cleaning is the removal of dry soil particles, hair, wax, chewing gums, bad odours, stains, etc.

      3. Rug Cleaning

      We clean your rugs with certified and eco-friendly products. Our team makes sure these products are safe for your family and pets. We also ensure the removal of any residuals of soap from your rugs. With advanced rug steam cleaners, we deal with all the remaining dirt, allergens, and bad odours.

      4. Hot Water Extraction

      We spray hot water and cleaning solvents on your rugs. The cleaning solvents break down any stuck dirt particles and tough stains. We then use advanced vacuum cleaners to remove the hot water and solvents, along with all the dirt, allergens, and stains.

      5. Drying and Restoration

      At Spark Rug Cleaning Adelaide, we use commercial-grade equipment to dry your rugs. Our grooming solutions are customised, and deal with any discolouration and unpleasant odours. We also conduct a post-cleaning inspection of your rugs. This allows us to ensure the effectiveness of our services.

      6. Post-cleaning Inspection

      We never conclude our Adelaide’s rug cleaning service without a proper post-cleaning inspection. It’s the best way to deal with all the existing and potential damages. It also allows us to confirm the results of our cleaning solutions.

      Tips to Protect Your Rugs

      With our advanced commercial rug cleaning service, you also get expert’s advice on how to take care of your rugs. This will help you avoid any permanent damages to your rug, and extend its lifespan. Here are some DIY rug protection tips.

      • Deal with any torn areas and stains on your rugs immediately. They quickly turn into permanent damages.
      • All the sides of your rugs are prone to ripping or tearing. Contact us without delay if you see such damage.
      • Avoid too much sun exposure on your rugs. It causes discolouration and damages its softness.
      • All rugs require maintenance from time to time. Do not forget to get our services for that. Or you can get a quote from us to conduct some maintenance by yourself.
      • If you can, steam clean your rugs once a month. This also prevents permanent damages to your rugs.
      • Last but not least, all you have to do to protect your rugs is to clean them regularly. Most of the major damages are caused due to lack of cleaning.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Can we clean our rugs without professional help?

      At Spark Rug Cleaning Adelaide, we also provide a do-it-yourself guide to clean your rugs. But certain tough stains and damages need special expertise and commercial-grade equipment. If you have such expertise and cleaning equipment, you may be able to take care of your rugs. If not, we strongly advise getting our professional help. It’s the best way to clean/repair your rugs without causing more damage to them.

      2. Are rugs easier to clean than carpets?

      As Adelaide’s rug repair experts, we always found rugs easier to clean and maintain. It’s because they are portable and smaller in size. This makes rugs easy to wash and dry.

      3. What happens if we don’t clean the rugs for a long time?

      Your rugs can be damaged by many things like liquid spills, food spills, stains, pets, dust, hair, stuck dirt, excessive sun exposure, and so on. If you don’t get a cleaning service for your rugs, you will have to replace them eventually. This will cause the loss of both money and time.

      4. Is it safe to take rugs to the dry cleaners?

      It may be safe, but not effective. The cleaning products and equipment used during dry cleaning are not suitable for rugs. Some of the dry-cleaning chemicals also cause more damage to rugs.

      5. Can we use a garden hose for rug cleaning?

      Garden hose may be able to remove dirt from your rugs, but it cannot deal with stains, mould growth, or discolouration. Our Adelaide’s rug cleaning service are customised for rugs. In short, we can safely clean and restore the natural condition of your rugs.

      Everyone knows that cleaning a rug is wrought with challenges, specifically if your rugs are antique or made of delicate materials like silk. At Spark Rug Cleaning Adelaide, our professional rug cleaners understand this and provide the cost-effective and safest methods available for cleaning your delicate rugs.

      Our Rug Washing Adelaide can restore even your Persian or shag rugs to their original beautiful condition. Our rug cleaning service are also primed to ensure that your floor coverings’ life will be prolonged. We specialize in cleaning methods that can:

      • Remove Stains
      • Remove bacteria build-up
      • Protect from stains in the future
      • Provide repairs to the fabric and underlay
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