Persian Rug Cleaning and Repair – Myths Busted!

Persian rugs are undeniably beautiful. Renowned for their attractive design and versatility, Persian rugs remain an element of home décor and interior designs.  However, there is several wrong information floating around the market when it comes to Persian rug cleaning and repair. Call us for instant booking.

These myths need to be busted for the benefit of Persian rugs and their owners. Here we have busted a few common myths associated with Persian wool rug cleaning in Adelaide.

1. Persian Rugs Should Not be vacuumed

There is a common misconception among customers when it comes to vacuum cleaning Persian rugs. A lot of people avoid vacuuming Persian rugs, with a belief that it damages the fibers. However, a Persian rug cleaning expert suggests vacuum cleaning the rugs every week, as over 80% of dry soil and dirt remain stuck in the fibers. Leaving rugs with dirt damages the fibers. Therefore, make sure to perform Persian wool rug cleaning using a vacuum cleaner every week.

2. Persian Rugs Must Not be Wet Washed

Another popular myth about Persian rugs is their wet washing. The believer of the myth states regular professional Persian rug cleaning Adelaide must be avoided. Customers believed the myth for a long time because of issues like rug fiber damage and color fadedness. However, in high-quality Persian rugs, the instructions about its proper washing method are mentioned. You must avail of Persian rug cleaning services Adelaide for getting your rugs wet washed.

3. Stain Protectors should not be applied on Persian Rugs

Several believe that stain protectors reduce the value of the Persian rugs. It is a false statement. Imagine how Persian rug owners would be able to protect their rugs from stains after getting Persian rug cleaning services Adelaide? After getting Persian wool rug cleaning you must apply the stain protector for keeping them safe for a long time. Using stain protectors is the best and most effective way of keeping your valuable rugs clean and stain-free.

4. The older the rugs the better it is priced

Persian rugs have a better price when it is old, which is a widespread misconception. An old Persian rug in a bad condition is just a devalued rug. Not all Persian rugs price appreciate. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the value of regularly availing of professional Persian rug cleaning Adelaide. Only a well-maintained, clean and damage-free Persian rug has great value in the market. Therefore, if you have been ignoring Persian rug cleaning and repair then you may be the owner of an undervalued rug.

5. Persian Rugs’ pads are useless

Several rug owners ignore the purchase of rug pads assuming it is useless. However, Persian rug cleaning expert recommend using rugs pads as it reduces slipping accidents, boosts the lifespan of the rugs, acts as a layer of protection for floorings, makes the rug appear thicker, and absorbs noise.  So, if you have been ignorant of purchasing rug pads, you are exposing risks to the valuable Persian rugs. In case of any doubt consult professional Persian rug cleaning Adelaide.


These are a few common myths associated with Persian rugs that we have busted in this blog. For keeping your valuable rugs safe and clean make sure to avail Persian rug cleaning services Adelaide. Feel free in seeking help from a Persian rug cleaning expert for more information about Persian rugs. Feel free to contact us for availing rug cleaning service.

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