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      Do you have mould, stuck dirt, or maybe discolouration on your rugs? It’s best to get professional help in such cases. Our Adelaide’s rug cleaning experts are certified and dedicated. Spark Rug Cleaning Adelaide has customised stain removal solutions for all kinds of carpets and rugs. Our rug cleaning services are available for commercial and residential properties. We are recognised as the best rug cleaners in Adelaide. With our customised services and certified experts, we can deal with all your rug or carpet cleaning needs.

      Spark Rug Cleaning Adelaide is a reliable rug and carpet cleaning company in Australia. Our carpet rug cleaning services are recommended by top experts. We are trained to clean any size or kind of carpet. So, if you are looking for Adelaide’s best rug cleaners, you can give us a call and book an appointment right away. Our carpet rugs cleaning services involve the use of commercial-grade equipment, certified cleaners, and advanced solutions. We use cleaning products that are eco-friendly and safe for your family, pets, and rugs as well.

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        Benefits of Hiring Professional Rug Cleaners

        At Spark Rug Cleaning Adelaide, we have the best rug cleaners in Australia. Our cleaners have an expert understanding of carpets, rugs and their fabric. We know how to customise appropriate cleaning/repair solutions for different rugs. With our rug cleaning services, you get benefits like:

        • Certified cleaners that use eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
        • Cleaners that are trained to provide economical and time-saving solutions.
        • Cleaning solutions that extend the lifespan of your rugs and carpets.
        • Professionals who know how to use commercial-grade cleaning equipment.
        • Experts that understand the different requirements of every carpet or rug.
        • Guaranteed removal of tough stains, bacteria, allergens, and contaminants from your rugs.

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          Things You Can Do Before The Cleaning

          At Spark Rug Cleaning Adelaide, our clients/customers always ask if preparation is required before the cleaning. We always recommend some precautionary measures that you can take before we arrive. This helps you protect your property during the cleaning.

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            You should move any things that you keep on your rugs or carpets before we arrive. This will help us speed up the process of inspection and cleaning.

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            Keep your breakables away from the cleaning area. They can get damaged during the cleaning process.

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            Make sure you keep your pets away from the cleaning areas and the products. Our cleaning solutions/products are safe for pets but it’s a precautionary measure.

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            Move your furniture on the carpet to a different place. This will make it easy for us to examine your carpets, and provide effective solutions for them.

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            If you have the time and the equipment, vacuum your carpets/rugs. This will also speed up the process of inspection and cleaning.

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            Avoid any physical contact with your carpet or rug if it’s too dirty. It may contain allergens, bacteria or contaminants, all of which can cause health issues.

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          Our Approach to Rug Cleaning

          Our Adelaide’s rug cleaners follow certain cleaning protocols for your carpets/rugs. We determine these protocols depending on the type of your carpet or rug. Let’s take a closer look at our carpet/rug cleaning process.


          We conduct a thorough inspection to learn about the impact/causes of damages.

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          Once we identify and mark all the damages on your carpets/rugs, we begin vacuuming on them.

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          Hot Water Extraction

          Our rug cleaning solutions almost always include hot water extraction.

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          Wet carpet can cause mould, discolouration, and fibre weakening. Therefore, we always use advanced equipment to dry your carpets.

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          Our carpet rug cleaning services always include post-cleaning solutions.


          Any certified cleaning solutions or products are suitable for carpets and rugs. As Adelaide’s rug cleaning experts, we can give you a free quote about appropriate cleaning products for your carpets/rugs.

          Yes, if you have the right expertise and equipment, you can clean your rugs without professional help. If not, you have to get proper cleaning services or you may end up damaging the rug even more.

          At Spark Rug Cleaning Adelaide, we conduct a thorough inspection to learn about the impact of dirt on carpet/rug fibre. Once we know the type of your rug and the damages it has, we can conduct a deep cleaning on your carpets and rugs. Our experts always use commercial-grade equipment for carpet cleaning.

          Steam cleaning is widely recognised as the best cleaning method for carpets and rugs. It can deal with damages like tough stains, allergens, contaminants, and so on. This method is approved and recommended by top experts.

          Our carpet rug cleaning services are also available with an emergency/same-day service option. You just have to give us a call and our expert will be at your property within the hour.

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